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2014 CNet Cell Phone SAR Radiation List - Highest Measured Radiation Phones
MUST READ: Russia Announces MASSIVE Cache Of Soviet-Era Radioactive Waste Containers/Reactors Dumped In Arctic Sea; 17,000 Containers, 14 Reactors, 19 Ships!
Thorium - New Nuclear "Wonder Fuel" Has Dangerous Potential
SHOCK: Japanese Gov't Funded Study Confirms Over 120 QUADRILLION PBq's Of Radioactive Cesium Released Into Ocean, FAR Surpassing Chernobyl
Japanese Citizen Journalist Does Own Radiation Tests Near Geiger Counter Posts, Find ~200% Higher Levels Than Meters Show
Japan's Backwards National Energy Policies Partly To Blame For Disaster
Alaskan Health Officials Claim Recent Fish Testing by FDA For Fukushima Radiation Shows Clean Fish
Japanese Orinthologist Confirms Small Wild Birds Becoming Deformed/Didcolored Over Past 3 Years; Like Due To Fukushima Radiation
Chaos Continues At TEPCO Nuclear Site, Despite 8,000+ Decontamination Workers, Construction Efforts, 400+ TONS Of Radioactive Water Leaking/Day
Infant Brain/Neural Deformities Near US Hanford Nuclear Site Skyrocket; 8x Higher Rate Of Infants Born Without Brains
70+ USS Ronald Reagan Naval Crew Members Now Sick, Have Cancers Due To Fukushima Clean Up Help
World Cup Fever: Fukushima Chef Sending "Fresh" Shipment Of Fish To Japanese World Cup Team In Brazil
Full Steam Ahead - Japanese PM Urges Nation To Actively Trade With Fukushima Farms/Fishing Companies, Claims No Danger
Backscatter X-Ray Technology Already In Use At Ports To Be Implemented On The Streets of USA; Radiate Citizenry Like Dogs
Toshiba & TEPCO To Use Cutting-Edge 'Muon' Technology To Image Inside Fukushima Nulcear Plant From Outside
In Bizarrely Naive Dance Video Set To Pharrell's Song "Happy," Fukushima Residents Convey Life Couldn't Be Better Amid Disaster
YUM: Soybean, Malted Rice Containing Foods From Fukushima, Japan Still Being Sold On Market (Pics)
RADIATION POISONING? Beatle Paul McCartney Falls Ill By Mysterious 'Virus' Just ONE DAY After Touring In Japan; Cancels Second Half Of Japan Concerts
Forget Surfin' USA; Here Comes Fukushima USA!
Fukushima Coastal Region Struck Again By Two 5.0+ Earthquakes, Though No Tsunami Expected
Could Widespread US Fracking Cause Next Nuclear Disaster?
Fukushima Vice - New Investigative Interview With Japanese Locals/Researchers Reveal Behind-the-Scenes
Fukushima - Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Japanese Gov't Rumored To Be Revising Allowable Radiation Limits UPWARD
Seawater Radiation Measurements Near Fukushima Plant Reach All-Time Highs
Amid Contaminated Seaweed Around Japan, Family From Ireland Producing/Exporting 1000's Of Tons of Kelp To Shore Up Consumption Gap
2014 CNet Cell Phone SAR Radiation List - Lowest Measured Radiation Phones
Three Years Later, 3800% Higher Cesium Radiation Found In Tokyo Sewage Than Safe Limits
Beyond Nuclear Interview - No End In Sight At Fukushima
Research Shows Up To 14 BILLION Pq Of Plutonium Radiation Released So Far; Found In Playground 40 Miles Away From Fukushima
DUE DILLIGENCE: Fukushima - Just How Severe Is It?
How Fukushima Is Changing The Face Of Robotics
As Fukushima Radiation Collides With The Eastern U.S., Coastal Citizens Forming Grassroots Movements To Get Informed And Protect Themselves
Radioactive Water At Daichi Nuclear Site Found Leaking 80+ Ft. Below Deep Into Soil Layers, Seeping Into Ocean
Cesium Contaminated Soil Samples Taken From Elementary School 185 MILES From Fukushima! 67,000% Above Safety Limits
Japanese Find Way To Protest & Expose Fukushima Cover-up Through Popular Manga Comic Books
Japan Fibs, Tells Fukushima Residents AndThe World Area Will Be Safe/Clean By 2021
74 Out Of 80 Cell Phone Safety Related Studies Reviewed By Meta-Analysis Show Direct Free Radical-Induced Cell Damage
Fukushima Cleanup Volunteer Shares Ramifications Of Radiation, Shared Photos Reveal His Hands Oozing Blood
TEPCO Gets ALPS Water Decontamination System Back OnlineTo Resume Purifying Waste Water
Fukushima Farmers Demand Attention, Bring Radiation Affected Cow Into Tokyo Square
SHAMEFUL: Wash. State Nuclear Waste Facility Workers Sick/Dying, Health & Financial Assistance Promises By Feds Are Now Being Denied
Despite Chaos And Devastation, TEPCO Employees To Get ~15% Pay Raises By July
TEPCO's Attempt To Neutralize Radioactive Wastes By Freezing Underground Tunnels Fraught With Glitches
Fukushima Children In Peril: 200k Children Have Thyroid Cancer/Illness, 40x Normal Levels; 120+ New Cancers Being Discovered
Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Body (NRA) Seen Ousting Critical Members, Selecting Nuclear Lobbyists
SHOCK: 75% Of ALL US Nuclear Sites Found To Be Leaking Radioactive Tritium!!!
Japan Willing To Ratify Longstanding CSC Atomic Treaty In Order To Rally Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Assistance From USA
Fukushima - Our Radiation Ocean (Lecture)
Fukushima - A Concerted, Global Conspiracy of Denial
TEPCO Attempting To Construct An Underground 'Ice Wall' To Insulate Off Leaking Nuclear Ractors

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